Sydney Jensen

Twitter: @sydneycjensen | Instagram: @lovemsjensen

Trauma-Capable Teacher | Learner | TED Speaker | Consultant | Adjunct Professor | Writer

"Sydney is a dynamic speaker and focuses on pragmatic and relevant solutions to supporting students."
- Prof. D. Wake, University of Central Arkansas

"When teachers stop learning, so do students.” -- Jim Knight

I am a passionate educator in Lincoln, Nebraska. I enjoy sharing my journey as a teacher with both current and future educators through presenting professional development, writing op-eds, and serving my professional community as a lead learner. In addition to teaching high school English courses, I am an adjunct professor at Doane University teaching a course focused on helping educators learn trauma-informed and trauma-responsive instructional practices.

My mission is to serve, inspire, and nurture a positive identity and self-worth in others to increase social justice and build a more empathetic society. In pursuit of this mission, I use my platform as 2019 Nebraska Teacher of the Year to share the importance of mental, social, and emotional health supports and strategies for students and the teachers who dedicate themselves to serving them.

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